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About Us

Procurement International Limited (Procurement International or PIL) was established in 2016 to serve as the sourcing and procurement arm of TG Holdings Limited, an investment holding company in Ghana with interest in hospitality, construction, real estate, financial services etc.

Procurement International’s mandate is to secure the best deals both locally and internationally for its clients. PIL is owned by Mr. Richard Addo, a serial entrepreneur. PIL have offices in Accra, Ghana and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Who We Are

Procurement International Limited is a General Mercantile and Merchandise Company which specializes in the procurement and provision of cost effective products and services ranging from the acquisition and supply of office and corporate furniture, stationery and accessories, laboratory equipment, hospital equipment and consumables, Automobile, ICT equipment, Industrial Machines and equipment, Food items, and chemicals among others. We leverage on our presence in the market by providing a total end-to-end procurement service that includes the entire range of strategic and transactional processing.

As a leading procurement company, Procurement International serves as an instrument of logistics support for helping businesses and organizations of various sizes and industries to manage corporate spend, increase savings, reduce costs, and maximize supplier relationships.

At Procurement International, we focus on delivering high-impact solutions that incorporate customized functionality specific to the client's requirements. The combination of thorough processes, comprehensive experience and an expansive creative vision enables us provide services and products that are innovative, usable, enduring and reliable. We extend logistics centred operations to support services vital to consumers and industry.

What We Do

► At Procurement International, we are committed to refining the developments that have enabled us introduce a wide range of products, services and customized solutions that empower businesses to simplify their operations. We are a company comprised of a dynamic team equipped with expertise and experience, who offer services that enable efficient and effective procurement through the use of professional services, infrastructure and technology. Our complete understanding of spend areas across the enterprise, help procurement organizations accelerate their programs and create a significant difference in their bottom line.

General supply of goods & services
Supply of office equipment & furniture
Financial services & Equipment Supplies
Supply of Laboratory Equipment


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